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Corporate FAQ2016-02-27T23:09:13-05:00
What kind of businesses/clients do you work with?2020-02-17T18:45:40-05:00

We offer services to a wide variety of industry segments and functional niches ranging from real estate, healthcare,  hospitality, travel, finance, retail and e-commerce, and manufacturing. Which includes serving all size and type of businesses from hatching start-ups, fortune 500 companies, scaling non-profits, to B2B, B2C channels and individual innovators.

Why outsource software development?2020-02-13T19:57:11-05:00

There are numerous advantages to outsourcing software development, the most obvious being you can switch us “on” and “off” as needed to match your project requirements. Also, by outsourcing to an established and trusted software house you are gaining access to our talented team. At Amlak we have everything needed for quality end to end software development.

How long will it take to build the software?2020-02-13T19:58:23-05:00

It depends on the requirements of course. It can be as quick as a couple of months for smaller projects. On average, we aim for 6 months for larger projects and resource the team appropriately to deliver in this timescale. Much larger projects, or those with a complex “critical path”, can take much longer, or be “ongoing” projects with regular releases.


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