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Amlak is a renowned custom software development firm developing business-focused solutions that astutely match with the functional and service preferences of our clients. Our expert custom development services engage with the most eligible ideas and authentic practices to create solutions that reveal excellence.

Software Development

Your complex value creation ideas of a technology product meet the world-class alliance of most reliable engineering and sophisticated technologies to build you a powerful software product – well defined and derived to transform your valuable concepts into a diligent program driven by most diligent custom software services that are meant to deliver!

Enterprise Software Development

As a prominent custom application development company, we have helped businesses to acquire most resourceful enterprise solutions to tech-automated their departments and processes. This helped them run their operations and control their functions with great efficacy. Making them optimize their enterprise TAT and improve their performance bottom line to a great extent.

Maintenance Services

As a full-service software development solutions company, we are pledged to provide post-deployment support to our clients, allowing them to use and benefit from the solution they have acquired after investing almost a fortune. Our software maintenance services allow them to avail great functioning and uptime results with their product.


We are experts at adapting your business objectives into successful web products. We develop large multi-level platforms, functional e-commerce stores, as well as provide custom web solutions, including single-page applications, enterprise web portals, etc. Our front-end development team works closely with other departments, ensuring fast feedback to changes in project requirements and those tendencies that occur in the front-end web community.

We use proven technologies, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript (and its frameworks), and have deep experience with RESTful Services and APIs. We pay great attention to web application particularities and your target audience needs to ensure maintenance, support, and successful product development.

Backend is a hidden but an integral part of your website’s frontend. When creating a website, it is crucial to take care not only of its appearance but also of high performance, resilience, and security. Deep expertise of backend web development help to nail that. Working with many industries for almost two decades, we understand your business needs as well as your user’s desire to have a desktop-like experience, while using a website. Our team aims at creating applications of the highest quality because we believe that only edgy products are able to change the world of technology.


Why outsource software development?2020-02-13T19:57:11-05:00

There are numerous advantages to outsourcing software development, the most obvious being you can switch us “on” and “off” as needed to match your project requirements. Also, by outsourcing to an established and trusted software house you are gaining access to our talented team. At Amlak we have everything needed for quality end to end software development.

How long will it take to build the software?2020-02-13T19:58:23-05:00

It depends on the requirements of course. It can be as quick as a couple of months for smaller projects. On average, we aim for 6 months for larger projects and resource the team appropriately to deliver in this timescale. Much larger projects, or those with a complex “critical path”, can take much longer, or be “ongoing” projects with regular releases.



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